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Wood with Nails? Try these 3 Oscillating Blades

Cutting through nail-embedded wood can be a tricky and precarious proposition without the right cutting edge on your tool. These Imperial Blades oscillating multi tool blades are designed to cut through nails, wood, hard material, drywall, and almost anything around the job site.

IBOAT337 Titanium Wood w/Nails Blade

The TiN STORM multi tool blade offers excellent performance and a long-lasting cutting life. Any general contractor can find a hundred uses for this consistent and durable multi tool blade. Nails and hardwood are no match for the titanium-coated teeth and bi-metal construction. The flushed oscillating blade allows you to cut in the tightest cracks, and it’s perfect for plunge cuts and detail finishing.

IBOAT336 Wood w/Nails Bi-metal Blade

This oscillating tool blade features bi-metal construction for a smooth and reliable cut, everytime. For demanding plunge cuts in tight spaces, it’s an accurate and durable blade with a long-lasting cutting life. Imperial Blades makes premier oscillating multi-tool blades with ONE FIT anchoring technology. The vast majority of multi tool blade formats are compatible with Imperial Blades products. Cutting through nail-embedded wood, metal strapping, and other tough materials is an absolute breeze!

IBOAT410 - 3-1/8" HSS Titanium Segment

This 3-1/8-inch round oscillating blade is ideal for a variety of demanding cuts around the job site. You often need a tough blade for demolition or a thin blade for a precise flooring cut demanding extreme accuracy. This is a perfect blade to add to the tool bag for any contractor or renovation professional. The tough high speed steel construction offers excellent durability and a safe, clean cut - and is the thickest blade that Imperial Blades manufactures. Don’t risk injury or tool damage using the wrong oscillating tool blades. Pick up a round HSS tool blade from Imperial Blades and see the difference the right blade can make.

August 11, 2017 by Brandon Erickson

Top 3 Oscillating Multi Tool Blades Options for Cutting PVC

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is ubiquitous around a modern construction job site. Cutting this material can be a challenge without the proper tools and blades. Luckily, Imperial Blades offers excellent oscillating multi tool blades for cutting pipes and finishing your PVC jobs accurately and consistently. Many of these blades also perform well on other materials, too.

IBOA133 Deep Wood HCS Blade

High-carbon steel construction means powerful cutting speed and fine-tooth precision. This deep plunge oscillating multi tool blade from Imperial Blades has a flush-cut design for the tightest cuts in cramped corners. PVC, wood, and other tough materials are no match for the clean and consistent cut from the Deep Wood HCS Blade. This oscillating multi tool blade is one of the thinnest blades you can find, and it’s a great addition to any contractor’s kit or construction professional’s tool bag for detail work. If you want a big cutting surface, read on for more oscillating tool blades for PVC jobs.

IBOAT337 Titanium Wood w/Nails Blade

This titanium bi-metal blade from Imperial Blades is perfect for fast cuts using a multi tool. The tough saw tooth coating easily cuts through tough materials like PVC, drywall, sheet metal, and more. It’s a great oscillating blade to keep in your tool box – you never know when you’ll need it. Tough plunge cuts, tight cuts on kick plate, awkward angles, and other frustrations are made easy by this versatile blade. PVC and a variety of other materials are no match for the reliable and durable cutting edge from the TiN Wood w/Nails oscillating blade.

Imperial Blades IBOAT360 Carbide Extreme

The newest edition to the Imperial Blades oscillating lineup, this blade will literally smash through PVC, leaving a trail of dust in its path - probably the best choice for any harder material, this carbide oscillating blade is the only multi tool blade on earth that is titanium-coated for extra power.

The 7-layered titanium process is American-made, and guaranteed to last on the job.

Top 3 Oscillating Tool Blades for Drywall

Drywall is a staple in most home construction these days, and it can be a challenging material to manage. With the right oscillating multi tool blade in your pocket, the job becomes much easier. These drywall oscillating blades from Imperial Blades offer superior control, accuracy, and durability for general construction or specialized labor.

IBOA200 Fast Wood HCS Blade

IBOA300 Wood w/Nails Bi-metal Blade    

This ONE FIT oscillating blade works with nearly all multi tool anchors, and it’s made from some of the toughest material in the business. This oscillating tool blade is powerful enough to cut through framing nails, bolts, drywall, and even sheet metal. For demolition or finishing, this handy Imperial Blades product offers superior performance and durability. Bi-metal construction means you will enjoy a consistent and long-lasting cutting edge for many hours of heavy use.

IBOAT337 Titanium Wood w/Nails Blade

This oscillating blade is a great addition to your kit. One of the longest-lasting blades in the market, the TiN STORM oscillating multi tool blade is ideal for general purpose use and reliable performance. Any professional or craftsman can benefit from the powerful cutting edge and smokeless operation. Whether you need a tool for flooring, tile, drywall, or metal, this blade can get the job done. It’s high cutting speed and stepped design are perfect for awkward cuts that demand precision and skill.

Top 3 Oscillating Multi Tool Blades for Concrete Cutting

Concrete is one of the most challenging materials to cut safely, and it pays to use high-quality oscillating tool blades. Imperial Blades offers a complete line of oscillating blades for a wide range of materials. If you need to cut concrete, brick, plaster, grout, or any tough porous material, check out these excellent blades from Imperial Blades.

IBOA730 Segment Diamond Grit Blade

The ONE FIT Segment Diamond Grit Blade from Imperial Blades is one tough customer. Accurate and durable, this diamond grit blade allows you to tackle many jobs around the work site. Concrete and brick are no match for its cutting power, and the diamond coating provides a long-lasting and consistent cut. It’s perfect for a bathroom renovation project for grout and tough plaster. ONE FIT technology insures your oscillating multi tool blades are compatible with the vast majority of tool brands. Check out this diamond-powered oscillating blade from Imperial Blades, tougher than anything you can throw at it!

IBOA610-1 Segment Carbide Blade

Get your groove on with the Segment Carbide Oscillating Blade from Imperial Blades. This tough customer is perfect for cutting grooves in concrete, scoring plaster, and removing stubborn grout. It’s accurate, durable, and compatible with hundreds of oscillating multi tool blade formats. A carbide-grit coating provides a long-lasting cutting life with consistent performance.

IBOA640-1 1-1/4" Carbide Grit Blade

This oscillating tool blade is one of my favorite tools in my bag. It’s the ideal tool for a huge range of painful jobs I encounter. Need to get in between broken tiles to remove stubborn grout? This carbide segment is ideal to reach under and into tight spaces. It makes quick work of wood, adhesives, masonry, and thinset. It’s a great blade to keep in your bag, perfect to bail you out and save you time when you need it.



Fein Multimaster Compatible Blades Are Guaranteed To Make An Impact In Your Business

Fein Multimaster Compatible Blades Are Guaranteed To Make An Impact In Your Business

For decades, FEIN seized the world with the oscillating multi-tool. The FEIN MultiMaster blades were once, and still are high-quality and were really the only multi-tool blade available. FEIN’s extremely good attention to high-quality & detail made creating compatible blades an easy decision.

The Fein Multimaster blades and Fein Supercut tools have usually been marketed as perfect tools for eliminating grout – but it’s clear that they are used now for so much more. We hear from clients constantly…How did I ever do my job without one of these before? And we agree, which is why our oscillating blade lines are fully compatible with Fein Multimaster and Fein Supercut multi tools.


With regard to raw power and functioning, nothing overcomes a FEIN MultiMaster tool. The FEIN MultiMaster is the only oscillating tool on the market that is prepared in Germany - not China, Japan and certainly no longer Mexico. FEIN’s professional engineering & production services enable its device to run with greater efficiency and with more strength than contender tools. Bosch’s multi-tools work well; however, FEIN’s MultiMaster tool triumphs the day with extra reliable functioning plus a longer working lifespan. FEIN equipment is intended for a lifetime of hard work. Clients have also expressed that they have had their Fein for 10, and even 20 years. Craftsmen who are focused on perfection are most likely using one.

It’s safe to say too, that craftsmen who are working on their art are excited about the Fein compatible accessories and other attachments that Imperial Blades Direct carries.


FEIN’s plan & building procedure is second-to-none. FEIN equipment is engineering move far and wide for their tightly-tuned machines, efficient and reliable operations, along with exceptional power-to-energy proportions. Anyone that has researched how the Fein creates and executes will immediately see the value. Bosch’s oscillating multi-tool is elegant and of a higher quality than your regular big-box store buy, however, there’s honestly no replacement for FEIN’s engineering prowess. There’s a major reason that FEIN tools are regarded as the king of their kind.

So if you’re looking for your next multi tool or oscillating machine, Fein offers some of the very best. Yes, you might be spending more up front, but our compatible oscillating blades will save you some major dollars in the long-run, and you’ll have the Mercedes-Benz of multi tools. And finally, your project, crew, and customers will  not stop saying thank you.


Buying oscillating blades in variety packs? Is it worth it?

Variety packs are often a good way to expand your options while you save on the blade cost. With the Imperial STORM oscillating tool blade variety pack, you can get the best blades in a convenient format. Check out these variety packs available today. Imperial Blades’ oscillating multi tool blades offer quality construction, a long-lasting cutting life, and the best cut in the business. Once you buy a handy variety pack from Imperial Blades, you’ll be amazed just how many ways you can use these fantastic oscillating multi tool blades.


The 3-piece variety pack has three great oscillating multi tool blades that you can use all over the job site. The IBOAT340 is perfect for wood, metal, and bi-metal. The powerful IBOAT336 makes quick work of tough materials like nail-embedded wood and bi-metal material. The IBOAT330 is a perfect oscillating blade to keep in your tool bag for quick jobs and tough cuts with its' longer plunge depth. Imperial Blades makes it easy to purchase all three blades in a three-pack.


The 6-piece variety pack offers double the blades and a handy carrying case to protect and organize your oscillating tool blades. The IBOAT340 can easily cut through wood, metal, and bi-metal for many projects and applications. The IBOAT336 offers a clean and accurate cut. If you want a tough and reliable oscillating blade, this is a great addition to your toolbox. The IBOAT330 has titanium-enhanced construction for a long-lasting cutting life, perfect for wood, nails, PVC, or drywall. Deck screws are no match for this tough and reliable oscillating multi tool blade from Imperial Blades. 

Keep in mind too, that all One-Fit Oscillating Blade purchases come with a free bonus gift - which is automatically added to your shipment. No coupon code required.


Reach the Impossible with these Handy Multi Tool Blades

Reach the Impossible with these Handy Multi Tool Blades

A great multi-tool blade is a rarity in today’s saw blade market, but here at Imperial Blades, we saw the need for durable and dependable saw blades that could, in fact, work with multiple tools.

From diamond grit to fast wood, our multi-tool blades are some of the best in the industry. This is one of our niches, and below you find some of our top sellers from this category.

IBOA730 ONE FIT Segment Diamond Grit Blade

The ONE FIT Segment Diamond Grit Blade is a versatile and tough blade that utilizes the ONE FIT anchor technology to allow it to fit onto most oscillating tools. This blade is designed to remove tough grout from between tiled surfaces and allows the user to aggressively grind without damaging the surrounding tile.

You can use it on cement, tile, marble, plastic and any other surface where tough grout is used. Plus, with its long-lasting service life, this blade is perfect for large commercial jobs, and small home renovations.

The Fast Wood HCS Blade is one of only a handful of fast wood blades that can fit on nearly any oscillating tool. Utilizing the ONE FIT anchor technology, this blade will not only last for what seems like a lifetime but handle soft materials better than the competition with the aggressive tooth design. This blade is designed for drywall, wood, and other soft materials and although it can handle nails, it is best to avoid hard materials with this blade.

The bigger brother to the 1-1/4” Wood w/ Nails blade (T336), the 2-1/2” Wood w/Nails BM TiN STORM Blade is one of the toughest blades that Imperial Blades has produced. With a no smoke cut and 7-layered titanium coated bi-metal teeth, this blade is one of our best sellers, best-performers, and all around behemoth.

It can handle all wooden material up 2” thick, as well as nails, plastics, fiberglass, reinforced plastic and plasterboard. No matter if you are looking for a general contracting blade, or dealing with bathroom renovations, this blade is the all-around MVP.

July 11, 2017 by Brandon Erickson

Top 3 Oscillating Tool Blades for Bathroom Remodels

Top 3 Oscillating Tool Blades for Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom remodels are some of the toughest jobs for saw blades. You want something that will be able to handle cutting wood, fiberglass and even metal, but at the same time, you will have limited room to move, and you need to be able to complete flush cuts with ease. Luckily for you, the selection at Imperial Blades Direct is impressive, and we have brought together our top three picks for blades to complete your bathroom remodel with.

This extremely strong bi-metal blade has been dipped in titanium to add yet another level of durability to its already impressive lifespan. This blade will be able to handle anything from wood, plastics and even fiberglass with the precision that you will need in a bathroom remodel. As well, with its ability to make flush cuts with limited effort, and the ability for the saw to work within tight quarters, you will be well equipped when you choose an ONE FIT 1-1/4” Wood w/Nails BM TiN STORM Blade

IBOA120 ONE FIT 3/8” Detail Wood HCS Blade

This blade is going to be your bread and butter when small, precision woodcuts are needed within a bathroom. No matter if you are doing flush cuts, detailed tongue and groove or even dealing with undercutting door jambs, this blade needs to be in your tool belt.

It allows for great accuracy while allowing the flexibility to work within tight quarters. Plus, with its flush-cut design, the operator can lay the blades flat on surfaces perpendicular to the cut for even better accuracy.

During a bathroom renovation, sometimes you need to get a little dirty, and that is why the Fast Wood HCS Blade is a perfect fit for your saw. This coarse tooth saw blade will allow you to be aggressive in your cuts and will be able to handle soft material such as drywall and wood.

It is nearly as fast as a reciprocating saw, and with its ability to undercut door jambs and complete flush cuts with ease, you will quickly see why you need a Fast Wood HCS Blade in your toolbox when handling a bathroom renovation. 


July 10, 2017 by Brandon Erickson

Photos of Imperial Blades in Use - Aluminum Frame Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) Retrofit - Courtesy of Marlowe Restorations LLC

Initial inspection in 2013 of wood rot in 3 windows measuring 10'x15'6" on this commercial building c.1900

Scaffolding installed by others was comfortable and safe for the Tradesmen and the Public.

Here is a close-up view of the approx. 1/2" x 2" exterior applied stop which sits against the aluminum sash and on top of the sill. This relies on caulked joints without flashing and is prone to decay.

This before photo shows a window stop applied to the top of the sill. This slows down water flow and increases the chances for decay fungi to take hold.

Cut caulk lines, located nails with magnet, pulled nails and stop and often found more rot below.

The worst section of wood decay is in the S side of the EN window which is window #3 from left to right. There was a piece of plywood caulked over this fragile area plus the window stop placed on top of that.

Window #3 needed a section of the sill cut out. The damaged wood is on the center sill area with the bag containing moist decay. These items are generally saved for the interested parties to view so they can better understand the extent of damage.

After finally committing to this new extreme specification, I'm taking the plunge and cutting the outside of the aluminum bottom rail using an IBOAT330 Metal Blade on an oscillating tool. The base is a 3/4" Red Cedar clapboard capped with thin aluminum flashing. A noisy slow task.

The 90º blades were a life saver because they allowed me to cut away a blind aluminum rib from behind the existing bottom rails of three 10' long window rails and some shorter ones. Not sure how I would have been able to complete this detail of my specifications to keep water out if that blade was not available.

Project completed in 6 weeks

Final notes: there were challenges as is normally the case when wood repairs have been ignored or done poorly over many decades. The old wood had sustained decay in the past and the new generation of aluminum sash added to the problem with its lack of flashing and just cover over the rot approach.

The project took about 6 weeks. There are still more decay zones on these same three windows as well as other windows around the building. They will hopefully be addressed in future phase


July 10, 2017 by Brandon Erickson

Durable Bi-metal Oscillating Tool Blades for a Smokeless Cut

Durable Bi-metal Oscillating Tool Blades for a Smokeless Cut

Nothing is worse than setting up your new oscillating tool blade and seeing it crack after a few minutes of use. Durability in the saw business is our first responsibility and priority here at Imperial Blades Direct, and we are proud to offer a great variety of durable bi-metal oscillating tool blades to the public and contractors. Our blades will last, and here are some of our great options that are always in stock.

IBOA300 ONE FIT 1- 1/4” Wood / Metal BM Blade

As one of the most durable saw blades on the market, the Wood / Metal BM Blade will ensure your worksite never goes down due to broken saw blades. This bi-metal steel blade is designed to take a pounding, and with its 1 5/8” plunge depth, you will be able to handle most materials. This blade is best used to cut framing, nails, bolts and even sheet metal.

Imperial Blades IBOAT330 ONE FIT 1-1/4” Universal BM TiN STORM Blade

When you are looking for a truly revolutionary blade meant to handle any sort of material, the 1-1/4” Universal BM TiN STORM Blade is your best option on the job site. Made of practically indestructible bimetals, this titanium coated blade is specially designed to handle nail-laden wood, metal, deck screws and more. If you are looking for an all-around blade that can handle a teardown, look no further than this beast.

IBOAT336 ONE FIT 1-1/4” Wood w/Nails BM TiN STORM Blade

When it comes to finishing off a deck or wood piece with a smokeless cut, one of the best options on the market is the ONE FIT 1-1/4” BM Tin STORM. This durable blade combines the best of the above blades and makes things just a little better. This blade has been designed to allow for flush cuts with ease and allows for cuts without the need for clearance behind the cut.

This blade is ideal for all crafts, and no matter if you are a general contractor or looking to finish up a bathroom renovation, the BM TiN STORM with its high cutting speed and extra-long service life will serve you well.

July 07, 2017 by Brandon Erickson